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At Dash Builders, stating that renovating your entire home is a huge task, is a drastic understatement. No matter what you call it – a full home renovation, a complete home renovation, or whole home renovations – it can seem like an overwhelming amount of work.

However, whether you’re renovating your existing home you’ve lived in for years or you’ve purchased a “fixer-upper” that needs a top-to-bottom whole home renovation – we can work with you to build the home of your dreams. With us in your corner and guiding the renovation process every step of the way, your future home will be a knockout – guaranteed!

Whole Home Renovation - Whole Home Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Home Renovation Specialists - Dash BuildersWinnipeg whole home renovations expert

At Dash Builders, we specialize in whole home renovations. From kitchens to bathrooms, bedrooms and ensuites, living areas, garages, basements and more, we can handle whole home renovation projects of any size. With our team of highly skilled contractors, designers, and technical specialists, we have the expertise to complete the project and build quality that lasts. Learn more about our whole home renovation services now.

Understanding why to choose us for your whole home renovations?

Dedicated to customer service

The process of a whole home renovation can be stressful, so we’re always here to communicate with you. Our friendly demeanour and project management processes are second to none. We’ll be available to explain the next steps of your project and give you the customer service you need to feel confident about your project as it progresses.

Transparent, honest pricing

No hidden fees, no upcharges, and no funny business. The price you see is the price you can expect to pay. As well, we’ll always be up-front about any additional unexpected costs that may surface during your project.

Rock-solid reputation and years of experience

Our contracting design-build team has over 50 years of combined experience. On top of that, we have an established track record of successful renovations in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Take a look at our glowing customer testimonials or our sparkling Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, or TrustedPros Reviews to see what real customers think of us!

For these reasons and many more – just ask us – we’re the best choice for your whole home renovation in Winnipeg.

What can I expect from Dash Builder’s design-build process?

Whole Home Renovation - Whole Home Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Home Renovation Specialists - Dash BuildersConsultation

First, we’ll schedule an initial consultation with you to discuss your overall project, budget, and ideas for your home renovation. During this meeting, we come to your home and take measurements, run a general inspection, ask you questions, and listen to your needs for the space to function.

Get a quote

Once your renovation consultation has been completed, we will provide you with an accurate quote for your project. The quote will outline various expenditures we have planned for during the project.

Discuss project goals and interior design

After your approval of the quote, we’ll discuss each project goal in further detail, and begin developing a renovation plan for your home based on your requirements. During this discussion, we’ll focus on specific changes to the home and work together to form a schedule. Once the renovation plan is sorted out, we are able to gather the necessary permits and building code requirements to complete the renovation to acceptable standards dictated by the City of Winnipeg.

Whole Home Renovation - Whole Home Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Home Renovation Specialists - Dash BuildersShop for materials

As well, after you’ve signed your renovation contract and the plan has been formed, we’ll work with you to shop for the materials, fixtures, appliances and other things that we’ll need during the renovation process.

Starting the home preparation

With the schedule in place, a timeline agreed upon, materials ordered, the renovation plan approved we arrive on the starting date. We set up a lockbox for access to the home throughout the renovation’s duration. Then, we begin preparing the home for the renovation, which typically starts with interior demolition.

Construction begins

After the demolition is completed, we begin the rebuild process. Depending on the specifics of your project this might include new walls complete with framing, insulation, and drywall. Everything is completed in the order required for us to be effective and efficient. But, by far, this is the longest part of the whole home renovation process – often taking 50% or more of the timeline.

However, we’ll always keep you updated about the tasks we’re working on and provide you with milestones completed along with new timeline projections to keep you in the loop as progress is made.

Project cleanup and finishing

Once your renovation is complete, we’ll put the finishing touches on everything, clean up, take away trash and debris, and leave your home looking clean and beautiful.

Final walk-through

You’ll walk through your home, ask questions and provide us with feedback about your project. As a bonus and for peace of mind all our home renovation work receives a two-year workmanship warranty guarantee.

In just these simple steps, you can completely restore and revitalize your home with Dash Builders.

What can we do as part of your whole home renovation?

As Winnipeg’s top-rated whole home renovation design-build company, here’s what we can do as part of your renovation.

Whole Home Renovation - Whole Home Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Home Renovation Specialists - Dash BuildersKitchen renovation

Including interior design, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, custom tiling and backsplash, islands with sinks or ranges, pantry or built-in storage solutions, lighting and hardware. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, we’ll ensure it delivers on that promise. We deliver through our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and building quality rooms that last.

Bathroom renovation

Including in-floor heating, flooring, drainage improvements, jetted or deep soaker bathtubs, custom shower solutions and custom tiling, vanity and bathroom storage solutions, installation of fixtures, lighting for your main bathroom, powder room, or ensuite. Our bathroom renovations are unique, functional, oasis-like spaces you’ll love using for years to come.

Basement renovation

Including framing, installation, drywalling, ceiling installation, flooring, plumbing, electrical, and lighting. We build custom solutions or rooms like a basement bathroom, wet or dry bars, storage rooms, games room, or home theatre rooms. With Dash Builders, your basement will become the envy of your friends and family!

We can renovate every square inch of space as part of your whole home renovation. This includes your living room, dining room, closets, laundry room, stairways, and bedrooms. But our renovations don’t stop at the interior.

Exterior renovation

As part of our whole home renovation service, we can also renovate the exterior of your home. Our exterior renovation includes windows, doors, shutters, siding replacement or restoration,  façade, soffit, fascia, and eavestroughs. We can also completely transform your home’s exterior with an architectural update. Along with our home exterior services, we can build fences, decks, garages, carports, and pergolas. Finally, we can finish off any exterior project with landscaping or roofing. You name it and we’ll renovate it!

Your Winnipeg whole home renovation experts!

At Dash Builders – we are Winnipeg-based experts for whole home renovations! We want your home to be a place of comfort, relaxation, and free of worries. We are focused on creating value for our customers and building quality rooms that last. As whole home renovation experts we’ve also have written a series of articles around our expertise. Please feel free to check these expansive resources out at your leisure, and when you’re ready for your next home renovation – give us a call!

Ready to get started?

At Dash Builders, we are your top-rated, Winnipeg-based whole home renovation specialists. Contact us now via our website or call 204-509-7574 to schedule a consultation, get a quote, and begin your home’s renovation transformation. We’re always taking new customers. We’d happily meet and discuss your goals and desires for your dream home and how we’ll help achieve them!

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