Complete Home Renovations – what can I expect? - Home Renovations Winnipeg

Complete Home Renovations – what can I expect?

Complete Home Renovations – what can I expect? - Home Renovations WinnipegYou may want to make more room for your growing family. Maybe you plan on selling your home and you need to make some modifications to improve its appeal. Perhaps you are just tired of living in a house that doesn’t feel like home. Whatever the reason, here’s a guide as to what to expect when you plan on making complete home renovations.

Complete Home Renovations: demolition and deconstruction

You need to take care of and fix the things that aren’t working anymore before you can make any improvements. Demolition can mean anything from peeling the wallpaper off to tearing down a wall.

This could also mean tearing down a worn-down old fence, or outbuildings on your property. A new trend in the demolition industry is a service called “deconstruction”. Rather than tearing down old structures and taking the material to a landfill, the structure is deconstructed piece by piece. These salvaged materials can then be used to build a new structure in place of the old one.

Complete Home Renovations: rebuilding

Now that you have a blank canvas, it’s time to start rebuilding your home. For instance, if you are adding a new room, then you will have to reposition the walls, add windows and doors, and so on. This part of a renovation process is especially exciting because it is when your vision begins to take shape and come to life.

The rebuild process will change in complexities depending on which parts of your home you’re renovating. If you’re completing a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation we’ll need to work through all steps in our renovation process. That means electrical, plumbing, insulation, subfloor all need to be reviewed and addressed.

Complete Home Renovations: updating utilities

Now it’s a good time to look at your wiring, plumbing, gas, and other utilities to determine if they need any work. If you are making significant changes to your home, then you may need to reposition some of them to fit the new design. For example, if you are building an extra bathroom, you will need plumbing in that area of the house.

Since you’ve opened the chapter of complete home renovations, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider rewiring the entire house, especially if it’s an old one. If knob and tube wiring is found it is especially important to have removed and updated to meet current safety codes.

Complete Home Renovations: adding or updating insulation

Make sure to insulate the walls before you do any work on them. Then you can smooth them, paint them, add wallpaper, and so on. Manitoba residents can apply for a home insulation rebate if their home was built before 1999 and the project meets the requirements set forth by Manitoba Hydro. Learn more about the home insulation program on the Manitoba Hydro website.

Complete Home Renovations – what can I expect? - Home Renovations WinnipegComplete Home Renovations: flooring to bring the room together

Some contractors recommend installing the flooring after you’ve finished the walls to avoid any accidental spills, while others do it before. Discuss this with your contractor and see what options fit your needs best.

During your complete home renovation let your personality shine

While we encourage you to personalize your home and make it your own, try to plan for the long term. If you want to sell your house someday, other people may not immediately fall in love with your bold choices.

Adding features to the house that make it home for you is ultimately the most important goal in any custom renovation project. Built-in storage, seating, and other custom features really help to make the most basic of houses feel like a custom home. Customizations to the house can also help to increase its value, both financially and sentimentally.

How do you start your complete home renovation?

Any renovation project requires a lot of work and careful planning. Partnering with an experienced contractor for your complete home renovation will make the process easier for you.

Dash Builders will manage the entire project for you. From drafting the initial plans, working with any required sub-contractors or outside specialists, and obtaining the required permits for the project. Get in touch with Dash Builders today – or call us at 204.509.7574 – to discuss your complete home renovation. We can’t wait to bring your vision to life and to help build your dreams!