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Home Addition Renovation Services - Winnipeg Home Addition Renovations - Dash BuildersAs your family grows and changes you may start to feel like you’ve outgrown your home. But, for some, you might not want to move to a new home. Perhaps, you love where you live in but there aren’t any suitable options in your current neighbourhood or area of Winnipeg to relocate to? If that’s the case, home additions by Dash Builders may be exactly what you need to stay – but still, get the space you need.

As home renovation specialists, we build high-quality home additions. Furthermore, our additions will look, feel and function just like an original part of your home.

We can create a custom home addition based on your needs, requirements, and budget. Our design-build contractor team will take care of the entire design, planning, renovation and finishing process. To learn more and get started, read below or contact us for a consultation.

Home additions achieve more space without moving

A home addition is the best way to get more space out of your existing home without moving. Moving is expensive and a hassle if you have children. Along with that, moving could cause you to leave your current school and neighbourhood behind. As well, you won’t have to go through the process of selling your home and purchasing a new home. Not only will you get the living space you need but you’ll add to the value of your home, too.

What type of home addition is suitable?

There are two primary types of home additions we can construct. The first being “building out”. This is useful if you have a larger yard, additional property or space, that might not be fully utilized, as we can fill the space with your home.

The second option is “building up”. Easily, this option is the more expensive option, as we would need to remove and rebuild your roof. However, in the situation where you don’t have any additional yard space, this option may work. However, in addition to the extra costs, it may be subject to strict regulations and building permit limitations.

Here are some common “building out” home additions

Home Addition Renovation Services - Winnipeg Home Addition Renovations - Dash BuildersExtra bedroom

Have a new family member on the way, or need to give your kids their own rooms as they grow? Do you often have out of town guests that need a place to stay? A new bedroom is a perfect addition.

Home office

A home office lets you work from home in peace and comfort, and also makes it easy to take care of day-to-day home administration tasks.

Four-season sunroom

Winnipeg is known for its spectacular sunsets and warm summer evenings, but also its mosquitos. Make the most of all four seasons by turning your existing porch or deck into a four-season sunroom, or by adding a new sunroom. A winterized sunroom is a great way to get more space out of your home all-year-round.

Play areas for kids

Want a dedicated rec room or play area for your kids? A home addition is a great option to create this space without taking away from existing living areas.

Mudroom or entryway

Expanding your mudroom makes it easier for you and your family to get in and out of the house, keep your coats, boots, and outerwear organized, and keep the rest of your home clean. Custom dog washes, laundry space, or even a small bathroom can be part of these types of home addition projects.

A larger utility/laundry room

You can get the space you need for laundry and other projects by adding an expanded or new utility or a laundry room.

What could we do for “building up” home additions?

Home Addition Renovation Services - Winnipeg Home Addition Renovations - Dash BuildersBrand new second or third floor

If you are wanting your home addition to built onto your existing home’s frame and structure, we could create a brand-new floor. Typically, the new floor would contain all of the bedrooms, have a bathroom, or be used as the space need to create a dream master suite complete with an ensuite and walk-in closet.

Special considerations for “building up”

We would be removing your existing roof entirely. The renovation would need to include new framing, insulation, drywalling, shingling, along with eavestrough, fascia, soffit, siding – the works inside and out.

As well, an engineer would need to check on the structural limitations surrounding your home’s existing wall and framing structure, along with your home’s foundation. However, if “building up” is a possible option, it will give you the most freedom to create a new floor plan for your home.

No matter what kind of addition you’re looking for, the team at Dash Builders is here to help.

What else do our home addition services include?

Home Addition Renovation Services - Winnipeg Home Addition Renovations - Dash BuildersRenovation of the home addition’s interior space

Depending on why what we’re creating the space for, we can create the interior for the new additional space, too. It doesn’t matter if the home addition will contain a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or just more living space – we can turn your dream into reality.

Framing, insulation, drywall and more

The new space will need to be framed. So, to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, insulation will need to be added to the new addition. After that, upon the completion of the exterior, we will turn to the interior and complete the drywall installation.

Electrical and plumbing

There’s no doubt that any home extension or addition will need electrical. And, in some situations, new plumbing will also need to be created to facilitate the purpose of the space.

Permits, building codes, insurance – we have you covered

For each and every project – we’ll ensure your new renovation will have the proper permits pulled to make it legal. Rest assured, we have a strict design-build process that follows the City of Winnipeg building codes. As well, our entire team is insured. Therefore, should an accident occur at the job site – your home – everyone is covered.

Your Winnipeg home addition experts!

At Dash Builders– we’re experts in additions for Winnipeg homes! There can be many reasons for wanting a home addition – it’s a great way to stay-in-location while increasing your living space and it’s near the top for home renovation ROI. We can build outwards or upwards, but we have years of expertise and our knowledgeable team will guide the entire process. So, whether you’re looking to expand your home to make room for a home office, extra bedrooms or space for an ensuite or walk-in closet, a mudroom, entryway or laundry, or large space for the kids to grow and play – lean on us to help you through the entire process. Our blog has some more detailed information covering home additions and when you’re ready – give us a call!

Contact us for a home addition renovation consultation

At Dash Builders, we always offer estimates for home renovation projects, including home additions. So, if you have some ideas about how you would like to change your living space with a new addition, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll discuss the details of your project with you and conduct a walkthrough at your home. After that, we’ll provide a rough cost estimate and next steps to make your vision a reality. Don’t wait. Call us at 204-509-7574 or contact us today through our website.