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Replacing your home’s windows and doors in Winnipeg

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your home’s windows and doors – starting in late Spring is a perfect time! The Winnipeg weather is typically milder and has less precipitation. The warmer weather makes the task much easier to complete and can even save you some money.  Also, the less “setup” and take-down required with any job can translate into savings. As well, it’s not overly feasible to complete window and door replacements in the dead of winter.

Replacing your home’s windows and doors in Winnipeg - Winnipeg Windows and Doors Replacements - Dash BuildersReplacing windows and doors is a great option for any home renovation as it improves your home’s appearance and helps save on energy bills in the future. Because of the many benefits, installing new windows and doors has one of the top return-of-investments of any home renovation project.

To learn more about our window and door installation services and benefits, read on. But, if you’re ready, we suggest contacting our team of experts today. Our friendly team is available to quote your renovation project. It’s probable we can have information back to you within 24 hours after your consultation appointment.

The benefits of replacing old windows and doors

Why get new windows and doors? Here are just a few reasons.

Improved energy efficiency

Modern windows and doors can minimize temperature fluctuations in both the summer and winter, saving you money. Besides the potential savings, you’ll have increased comfort inside of your home. This is due to fewer fluctuations in temperature due to cold air drafts or humidity.

Enhanced appearance

Brand-new windows and doors can refresh your home’s facade and enhance its curb appeal.

No more mould or moisture

With a new set of windows and doors, you can avoid leaks, mould, and moisture. This can build up between old panes of glass or worn out seals, etc.

Replacing your home’s windows and doors in Winnipeg - Winnipeg Windows and Doors Replacements - Dash BuildersWindow installation and replacement

Windows can be replaced by adding new glass to the existing windows frame. This can be a low-cost way to boost energy efficiency or with a full-scale brick-to-brick replacement.

If you have older windows that need to be updated and are worried about leaks and energy efficiency, it’s typically a good idea to go with a full brick-to-brick replacement. Replacing all your windows is a larger investment, but the results will last for decades.

Window replacement options

Replacing your home’s windows and doors in Winnipeg - Winnipeg Windows and Doors Replacements - Dash BuildersWindow types

There are two primary types of windows. Windows usually are either fixed, as in non-opening. The alternative being operable allowing for opening and closing. As well, there are also many ways the open and close mechanism can work. Common operational windows are sliding, transom, casement, double-hung,  and awning. What style and type of window you need is largely based on personal style and location of the window.

Along with the window types, there’s a large amount of window technology that is designed to help prevent heat loss – such as triple-pane construction, low emissivity (low-e) coatings, and insulation spacers or inert gases between the window panes.

Window frames

Typically, window frames are constructed from either wood, metal, fibreglass, or PVC material. Depending on your budget and needs for a window frame, the material of the frame will influence insulation value, strength, and maintenance required.

Window Energy Rating

All of the above items – the window type, technology, features, and framing go into the window’s energy rating number or ER value. The ER is measured by the ability to contain feat, airflow tightness and solar gains – and, will give you a sense of the window ability to save on energy costs.

Also, the list above doesn’t take into account the visual aspects your windows can provide. There’s a myriad of options, styles, colours available to you to select from. As your renovation partners, we’ll guide you by providing suggestions and styles that will match your current home’s aesthetic or future renovation.

For the best results from your new windows, it’s recommended to work with a professional. A company such as Dash Builders, are qualified to replace old windows and install new ones.

What to consider when replacing doors

If you’re getting new doors in Winnipeg to replace exterior doors, such as your front door, you may want to create a larger opening or add windows on either side to maximize light and make your entrance room more welcoming. As well, we recommend working with an experienced contractor to balance security, aesthetics, and energy efficiency during your Winnipeg door replacement project.

Door replacement and installation options

Replacing your home’s windows and doors in Winnipeg - Winnipeg Windows and Doors Replacements - Dash BuildersSimilar to the information above for windows – doors have their own set of requirements to achieve Energy Ratings. Similar to windows, things like the materials the door is constructed of – wood, vinyl, fibreglass – or some combination; glazing with low emissivity coating material, quality of the weatherstripping or the type of inert gas fill – and thus, all play a part in the energy rating.

In any situation, like the window installation, door installation should be completed by professional contractors or home renovators, like Dash Builders.

Your door’s impact on curb appeal

Often, your door might be one of the first things an individual notices about your home. As they approach the entrance, what sort of signal or message does your door send? Is it inviting and welcoming; or is the message less positive. Therefore, realtors cite your door can have a lasting impact and can be a persuasive first-impression for a potential buyer. Or, alternatively, send them in the opposite direction.

Rebates and benefits from Manitoba Hydro for windows and door installations

Not sure if you can afford new windows or doors? Manitoba Hydro has several savings and rebate programs available. These rebates are for qualified customers who make energy-efficient upgrades as part of their home renovations. Visit the Manitoba Hydro webpage on windows and doors replacement to learn more about your options.

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