Five Tips for Successful Basement Renovations

Five Tips for Successful Basement Renovations

Undertaking a basement renovation not only gives you the opportunity to add some more living area to your home but also gives you the rare opportunity to design a room from the ground up.

However, remodelling a basement is no small feat, and if the right steps aren’t taken, your reno project could turn into an expensive mistake. To help ensure you get the most out of the remodel you have planned, Dash Builders has put together five tips to follow for a stress-free basement renovation.

Successful basement renovations – Tip #1: Have a plan

Decide how you want to use the space in your basement. Will it have a bedroom? Do you need an Egress window? Will plumbing be required? Does it need a bathroom? Will it be a secondary kitchen or bar? Knowing what you want will help quicken the planning and execution of the project.

Successful basement renovations – Tip #2: Create a layout

If this is a new renovation, a good idea is to take masking tape and do a preliminary layout. Things to consider while creating a layout are that the exterior walls will need to be built out six inches to accommodate building insulation code. The Interior wall will have a thickness of four and a half inches. You will also need to mark the central plumbing stack location which will help you determine new plumbing locations. Keep in mind that the closer to the stack the more cost-efficient it will be.

Successful basement renovations – Tip #3: Decide on ceiling height

When it comes to ceiling height, you have a few choices in suspended ceiling systems, drywall directly onto floor joists (may not be feasible if joists are not straight or due to excessive shifting). There is also a new trend where exposed floor joists are painted. You may also need bulkheads around HVAC and plumbing in the ceiling. Factor all these aspects while deciding on the height of the ceiling.

Successful basement renovations – Tip #4: Test the electricity load

Get a certified electrician to test whether your current electrical service will handle the new additions. If you have a hundred amp electrical service or there are no empty slots in your breaker panel, you may need an upgrade.

How to plan and budget for your basement renovation

Because sticking to a budget may not always be possible, it’s safer to create a contingency fund. Keep in mind that basements, bathrooms and kitchens are some of the most expensive parts of a home renovation. Many homes have a basement that also requires a bathroom renovation as part of the project. As well, a small number of homes may require a kitchen renovation as part of the basement project. If your home falls into either of these categories, chances are, the cost to renovate your basement will be higher. Do some research, get a few quotes from reputable sources and then set aside a budget for how much you can afford.

A basement reno project can get challenging if you don’t put in some research. To ensure you don’t hit any roadblocks, reach out to the experts at Dash Builders. As the best custom home builders based in Winnipeg, we provide home remodelling and renovation services across Steinbach, Oakbank, Headingley, Stonewall, Selkirk, Niverville, Beausejour, East St. Paul, Birds Hill, Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Visit our basement renovations page to learn more. When you’re ready, contact us online or call us to discuss your project and schedule your estimate!

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