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Our kitchen renovations are what dreams are made of!

Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Home Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Home Renovation Specialists - Dash BuildersYour kitchen isn’t just a room in your house where you prepare meals for the family. It’s the focal point of your home! The best way to improve the market value – and the overall functionality – of your Winnipeg home is to update it with kitchen renovations by Dash Builders.

It’s the place where all the members of your family meet every morning when starting a new day, where important stories are shared, and where you can build great memories. If you’re planning kitchen renovations, you should plan for perfection.

Luckily for you, we’re in the business of perfection! Dash Builders can take your dream kitchen and bring it to life, making sure it’s both stunning and functional.

Reach out to Dash Builders today and tell us more your kitchen renovations!

What’s it like to work with Dash Builders for a kitchen renovation?

Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Home Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Home Renovation Specialists - Dash BuildersIf you work with Dash Builders for kitchen renovations, you’ll get a team with an impeccable reputation that will bend over backwards to make sure every detail, from tiles to cabinetry and everything in between, exceeds your expectations.

We feel the key to great kitchen design, or any room remodel, is careful planning. Having your kitchen remodeled is at the top of every homeowner’s wish list, so it’s imperative to work with a reputable contract builder.

Here’s what our kitchen renovation process looks like:

We’ll listen as you describe your ideal kitchen renovations

We need to know what your vision for your future kitchen is, so we’ll be all ears. If you don’t have a clear idea, that’s okay. You can count on us to bring forward some creative ideas we know you’ll love.

It’s also important to know what kitchen style you like. For instance, are you wanting a gourmet kitchen or more of a country kitchen? Feel free to cut out pictures or show us any ideas about what you like, so we can best suit your needs. Once we have a mental picture of the future kitchen, we look at what space you already have. This is an essential step that allows us to perfect the plan.

Next, we analyze your existing kitchen before renovation

It is critical to get a proper analysis of your current kitchen before beginning any new remodeling job. This helps us determine what we need to do beforehand to make sure the new kitchen renovation gets done correctly and looks as best as it can.

When creating the layout of your new kitchen, you will want to keep certain things in mind. If it is more space you’re wanting, we can help you figure out how to achieve it. If it’s more kitchen storage you’re after, we also have ideas and ways of adding that. Maybe you want a built-in pantry and an island, or new kitchen cabinets. Whatever your needs are, we’ll surely be able to handle them and present you with a plan to meet all project requirements.

Crafting your ‘kitchen renovation’ game plan

Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Home Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Home Renovation Specialists - Dash BuildersWe don’t want to make you feel like we’ve completely taken over your home, so our plan will outline how we’ll work, getting things done as fast as possible, with minimal disruptions. You’ll know exactly when we’re going to be in your home working, what we’re doing, and for how long we’ll be there.

Are changes allowed as we renovate your kitchen?

The project isn’t finished until we know you’re happy with your new kitchen. Have new ideas appeared mid-process? Did something not turn out the way you envisioned? Let us know and we will make it so.

Contact Dash Builders right now to work with a Winnipeg kitchen renovation team you can trust!

During kitchen renovations, here’s what we’ll take care of

Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Home Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Home Renovation Specialists - Dash BuildersDash Builders will make your dream kitchen a reality. What that entails exactly will depend on what you want, but in our experience, it generally means:

  • Demolition of your existing prior to starting your kitchen renovation;
  • Kitchen renovation interior design and projections;
  • Plumbing and electrical as required for the renovation;
  • Custom cabinetry installation;
  • Appliance fittings and installations;
  • Flooring replacement and installation;
  • Custom tile and backsplash changes and installation;
  • Additional shelving installation;
  • Drywall, framing ceilings, and painting;
  • Updating lighting fixtures and hardware;
  • And any other project requirements as needed

The secret to flawless kitchen renovations is using the space you already have efficiently. As part of our process, we’ll examine the flow and usability of your kitchen. In turn, we’ll guide you and make recommendations where we can improve the functionality and form.

Why work with us for your kitchen renovations?

Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Home Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Home Renovation Specialists - Dash BuildersYou don’t want to let just anyone come into your home, and we fully understand this. But as a family-owned, Winnipeg business, we know exactly what it takes to take a house and turn it into a home. So, you can rest assured that everything we do is with that results in mind: you and your family.

If you work with us for your kitchen renovations, you’ll be working with a team of Winnipeg-based professionals which are:

  • Trustworthy: if we say we can deliver your kitchen renovation, we’ll deliver;
  • Experienced: we have years of hands-on experience and extensive knowledge renovating kitchens in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, and pride ourselves on our craftsmanship;
  • Inspired: if you don’t have a specific vision in mind, we can help. We’ll come in with a variety of different ideas you can choose from or adapt to meet your needs;
  • Hardworking, above all else: we’re here to make sure your bathroom renovation is completed on schedule and looks the way you want it to, no matter what it takes;
  • Family-oriented: we know what a home is, and how important that comfort is for your family. We’ll keep your family in mind during the project to ensure the renovations to your kitchen will meet your needs now and in the future.

Your Winnipeg kitchen renovation experts!

At Dash Builders – we’re experts in kitchen renovations for Winnipeg homes! The kitchen is the heart of your home, it needs to fit your lifestyle, and the needs of your family. It’s the place where you’ll gather and create memories. The kitchen design must reflect your personality and unique taste – while being functional now and in the future. One of our specialties is creating magazine-worthy kitchen renovations – and we have lots of experience. Our most significant thoughts around kitchen renovations are written about on our blog for you to enjoy – and when it’s time to renovate your kitchen – give us a call!

Contact us for a kitchen renovation consultation

Ready to make your dream kitchen a reality? Dash Builders is the team of contractors you’ve been looking for your Winnipeg kitchen renovations, guaranteed! Give us a call today – 204.509.7574 – or contact us through our website and we’ll start the discussion of your dream kitchen renovation project!

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