Renovating your kitchen? Think about our five F’s! | Dash Builders

Renovating your kitchen? Think about our five F’s!

Happy couple enjoying their newly renovated kitchen - Renovating your kitchen? Think about our five F’s! | Dash BuildersRenovating your kitchen? If you made the decision to renovate your home’s kitchen, you might be at a loss as to where to start. Determining what improvements to make where can be an overwhelming process. When we work with you to design a custom kitchen renovation, we like to consider the five “F’s” to be some of the most important factors. They are:

  • Functionality
  • Form
  • Flooring
  • Finding storage space
  • Fixtures

Let’s take a deeper look at each one of these factors now and explain how you can use them to create a beautiful, functional custom kitchen renovation in Winnipeg. 

Renovating your kitchen? Think about – Functionality

Reviewing the functionality of a kitchen renovation - Renovating your kitchen? Think about our five F’s! | Dash BuildersKitchen functionality is an important consideration. Do you want to keep your mess and meals separate from the dining area? A closed or galley-style kitchen may be right for you.

Want to make the kitchen a center for socialization? An open-concept floor plan may be a better option – particularly when combined with a bar-height counter with stools, a kitchen island, and a pass-through window.

Consider how your kitchen is used when you’re renovating it, and you’ll be able to create a functional kitchen that will be perfect for your needs.

Kitchen renovation project? Think about – Form

Going together with functionality, we’ll need to form the shapes of your built-in objects, cabinetry, sink, and appliances. How much countertop space will you have? Do you need multiple sink locations? Where are the windows, doors, walls and other design requirements found in the space to be renovated? We will need to thoughtfully consider how will all these aspects impact your kitchen renovation’s outcome.

Renovate your kitchen and think about – Flooring

Contractor installing flooring as part of a kitchen renovation - Renovating your kitchen? Think about our five F’s! | Dash BuildersYou’ll spend 99.9% of your time in the kitchen standing, so it’s a good idea to choose a flooring material that won’t fatigue your legs and feet and is pleasant to look at. Vinyl is warm, inexpensive and easy to clean. Tile is perfect for under-floor heating and is very durable. Wood is versatile and durable but is more susceptible to scratches and damage. In addition to flooring, you’ll also want to consider features like a kick plate central vacuum to assist with cleaning and kitchen maintenance.

Think about – Finding storage space during your kitchen renovation

All homes have different needs. Do you want large cupboards? Multiple drawers? Built-in island storage? Do you have many small appliances that you prefer to store in a tucked-away area, or would you prefer having these appliances at-hand? How many power outlets do you need?

At Dash Builders, we specialize in building custom kitchen storage solutions. From cabinets to drawers, open pantries and shelving, and even coffee bars and wet bars, we can help you design a storage solution that will keep all of your kitchen essentials at-hand – and organized.

Adding custom storage to your kitchen renovation helps cut down on clutter and maximizes kitchen efficiency. It’s all part of making your kitchen a more pleasant place to spend time and prepare meals.

Renovating your kitchen? Think about – Fixture

While you might think your kitchen renovation should be nearly complete before you start considering fixtures – we urge you to start sooner. Faucets, sinks, lighting, hardware and other seemingly “minor” objects can have a major impact on any space.

When we design your kitchen renovation with you, we’re thorough and don’t leave any details out. The final product results in quality rooms that last!

Contact dash builders – custom kitchen renovations are our specialty!

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