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Key items when renovating your basement

Key items when renovating your basement - Winnipeg Basement Renovations - Dash BuildersWhen it comes to Winnipeg basement renovations, Dash Builders has years of experience. A basement renovation can go in any direction – formal, cozy, comfortable, modern, retro – the options are endless. It can also have a variety of uses like a playroom for children, a home movie theatre, offer additional storage, or an entirely separate living space. The number of decisions you’ll make when renovating your basement will be immense. To help you plan your own renovation, we’ve put together this list of the top areas you should focus on during your basement renovation.

Think about usability and functionality

First, think through the purpose of your basement renovation. What are you looking to accomplish? Do you want a new utility space, such as a laundry room, workshop or other utility room? Do you want to create a new home theatre or general living space? What do you expect your basement to be used for, and how will it augment the rest of the rooms in your home?
Asking yourself these questions can help determine the right lighting, flooring, built-in storage, and multi-use spaces for your basement. Start by thinking about what you want your basement to do – and go from there!

Consider additional living space for renters or family members

Key items when renovating your basement - Winnipeg Basement Renovations - Dash BuildersAre you interested in renting your basement once your kids move out, or creating a living space for one of your kids or an older family member who may need to move in with you in the future? Consider adding essential elements like a small basement kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. Whether you want to rent in the future or just make room for a growing family, this is a great way to use your basement space.

Create additional comfort and coziness

Naturally, basements are the cooler and damper part of most homes. Additional attention needs to be considered during the construction process. Things like upgraded insulation, improved drainage, proper ventilation will lead to increased comfort when spending time in your basement.

Looking past what’s under the surface materials, the décor and layout can also help your basement’s level of coziness increase. Think about airflow, where the walls, doors, windows are located, installation of a fireplace, and the volume of the noise created by your utilities. As well, decorate the space with plush materials and artwork made from cloth.

Key items when renovating your basement - Winnipeg Basement Renovations - Dash BuildersChoose some unique features and finishes

One nice thing about unfinished basements is that you have a lot of opportunities to add unique touches and create something that’s truly your own – options such as in-floor heating to heat your basement and the rest of your home, a custom-made wet bar, built-in storage space, a home entertainment system… the opportunities are limitless. Think about what would make your basement truly unique!

Renovating your basement with Dash Builders

At Dash Builders, we have years of experience with Winnipeg basement renovations. We’ll guide you through the entire process from concept to completion. Our services are vast, stemming from demolition to interior design to the build of framing, drywall, plumbing, electrical, flooring, lighting to creating and installation custom features. Get in touch now or call 204-509-7574 and our team of design and build contractors will help you get the basement you deserve!