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As experienced contractors, the team at Dash Builders can help you completely restore and revitalize your entire home with a whole home renovation. Whole home renovations will give you the most freedom to change layout, design, materials – everything can be taken to the studs. Together, we can define a plan so renovating your whole home you’ll meet the functional and feature requirements your family need. We’ll guide you as to where should you focus the most time, energy, and budget to get the most from your property. Find out more about renovating your whole home below!

Your budget – staying within a reasonable range

Key items when renovating your whole home - Whole Home Renovations Winnipeg - Dash BuildersConsider what your budget is for your renovation and where the money will primarily be spent. In our experience, the three main areas of focus when renovating an entire home usually are:

Renovating your kitchen

The kitchen, and by extension the kitchen table/dining room area, are the heart of your home. They are the most frequently used space and always the most expensive to renovate. You’re likely to spend most of your waking time in this space so it’s important to give it extra attention. Everything from sightlines, to counter space, storage will be considered – all of which is part of any kitchen renovation we complete.

Renovating your basement, living area, family room, etc.

Depending on where your family spends the most time, this could be a family/living room, den, basement, home theatre room or any other such communal space. Creating clever and unique features to these spaces will give your home personality and will allow it to be catered specifically to your family’s needs.

Renovating your bathrooms

Renovating existing bathrooms is a very common part of any whole home renovation. As well, adding one or more additional bathrooms during the home renovation will prove to be useful in the future. No house can ever have too many bathrooms, particularly if you’ve got a larger family.

What you want to do with each space – planning your rooms

Key items when renovating your whole home - Whole Home Renovations Winnipeg - Dash BuildersConsider each room individually. What do you want to do with it? How will its function need to change? What elements would you like to add or remove?

Consider each room from a functional standpoint – what needs to change to improve it? This will help guide you as you select features and decide on changes for each room – from bedrooms to bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, utility rooms and everything in-between.

Who will be doing the work – hire a reputable contractor

Finally, when considering whole home renovations, you will need to make sure you work with an experienced Winnipeg renovator and whole home contractor. A whole-home renovation is likely one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Usually, only second to your home purchase – so you will want to make sure you choose reputable contractors.

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