A Beginner's Guide to Kitchen Renovations

A Beginner’s Guide to Kitchen Renovations

Renovating your kitchen is an exceptional way to add a modern update to your home. The kitchen is often the most lively room in a home and a renovation can breathe new life into the entire house.

If you’re considering renovating your kitchen, Dash Builders is here to help. We’ve created a Beginner’s Guide to renovating your kitchen to help you prepare and organize your kitchen renovation properly. Follow the guide below to transform your home with a new kitchen.

Getting Started: Do your research.

Know what you want. As with anything, internet research can be a big help beforehand. Start by searching for modern kitchen designs and styles. It’s a good idea for you to print out any pictures of things you like and features you want to add. If you wish to make any major changes to the layout of your kitchen, create a quick plan of what you have in mind.

Consider professional help. Ask yourself if you need a professional design consultant or if you have the confidence to design your kitchen yourself. Keep in mind a design consultant can sometimes add a couple thousand to your project.

Get quotes from different contractors. As with any reno project, get at least three quotes. Even if you have a contractor in mind, someone else may provide a different view on the project.

Next Steps: Working with a contractor.

Compare quotes carefully. When going over each quote, make sure to compare the materials used by each contractor. They will usually list important ones and will have no issue providing additional specifications if asked. Different materials have different costs to be sure you know what you’re paying for.

Keep an open mind. An experienced contractor will give a homeowner more options that they may not have realized. They’ll also help flush out the do’s and don’ts for any kitchen size. If you’re open to change and compromise, a contractor will always be willing to help with any questions and concerns

At Dash Builders, our goal is to exceed your expectations. As the go-to experts in Winnipeg for all construction projects, you can feel confident building your dream kitchen with us. We also specialize in whole-home, bathroom, and basement renovations, as well as decks and exterior constructionVisit our website to learn more or contact Dash Builders today.

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