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Exterior Renovation Services - Winnipeg Exterior Renovations - Dash BuildersAt Dash Builders, our goal is always to provide you with the renovation services you need to feel proud of your home. While our services heavily favour your home’s interior rooms with our renovation services for kitchen, bathroom, and basement, we are also fully equipped to renovate your home’s exterior. In fact, exterior renovations can often have a tremendous impact on your home’s value. Having exterior renovations completed to your home will boost curb appeal instantly.

Why are exterior renovations a great way to add curb appeal?

Whether it has outdated finishes and style, peeling paint, deteriorating siding or any other such issues, we’re here to help. With a comprehensive exterior renovation consultation from the team at Dash Builders, we’ll listen to your ideas as to how you want to restore and revitalize your home. Additionally, we’ll offer our expertise to help make your goals and reality.

What are the top exterior renovations to revitalize your home?

Not sure where to start with transforming the outside of your home? While each exterior renovation project we encounter is unique, here are some of the best ways to renovate the exterior. Use them as a point of inspiration as you consider what renovations you’d like to undertake at your property in Winnipeg.

Windows, doors, shutters & more

Exterior Renovation Services - Winnipeg Exterior Renovations - Dash BuildersDull, worn-out windows and doors can seriously affect your home’s curb appeal. New windows and doors not only improve the energy efficiency of your home (and protect you from freezing Winnipeg winter temperatures), but they can completely change the look of your house. They come in countless different styles and can even be made to look vintage, traditional, or modern having unique trim and colours to tie together the overall look of the house.

Siding replacement or restoration

We can replace old siding with new siding or repaint and refinish worn-out siding to restore its appearance, and keep your home looking brand new for years to come. Another reason to switch to a vinyl siding is the reduced maintenance and upkeep required. However, we would work with your preferred materials and make your home shine again.

Architectural changes to the façade

Exterior Renovation Services - Winnipeg Exterior Renovations - Dash BuildersWe can tweak the façade of your home and make changes to modify its silhouette and appearance. Updates include making it more modern or restoring character and charm that has been worn away over the years. Not only will changes to the façade increase the appeal and look of your home, but it can also add functionality. Creating a front porch or patio area with a roofing overhang is a popular choice, for the dynamic look and offering a place to be outside but shielded by the elements before stepping into the home.

Soffit, fascia, and eavestroughs

These elements make up the edge of your home’s roof, and if they’re worn out, dirty or damaged, they can seriously detract from your home’s appearance. Faulty eavestroughs can even cause water damage to walls, flooding, and other issues.

Landscaping and fencing

Your home’s landscape is part of its exterior. We can help with landscape planning and implementation, building privacy fences, and other related projects to help enhance the curb appeal and functionality of your home.

Exterior Renovation Services - Winnipeg Exterior Renovations - Dash BuildersRoofing

If your roof is worn-out, your home’s appearance will be negatively affected. If it leaks and water seeps through, the damage could cost you thousands of dollars. A new, strong and durable roof is a great way to improve your home’s value and safeguard your interior from water damage.


Create your own backyard paradise! Having a deck or patio area is a valuable addition to your home. During summer the deck is often the entertaining space you’ll share with family and friends.  Our team is well versed in deck building and patio construction – it’s a Winnipeg favourite!

Garage building and garage renovations

We can renovate both attached and free-standing garages. As well, we can build a garage to help you get the parking, workshop, and storage space you want. Having a functional garage is sought after for most homeowners due to the harshness of Winnipeg’s winter. But, in addition to shielding your belongings from the elements, it also adds security by keeping them out of sight.

These examples are just a few of the most common ways we can help restore the exterior of your home. When you’re ready to start your exterior renovation project, reach out to us!

Exterior Renovation Services - Winnipeg Exterior Renovations - Dash BuildersWhat else does our exterior renovation services include?

When you contract Dash Builders to complete your renovation project – we help you through every step of the process. We make renovations pain-free and enjoyable. Here are some of the value-added services we offer.

Pulling permits and building to code

We strongly urge not to work with any renovation company that isn’t willing to do this as part of the project. If they aren’t willing to do this it likely means they aren’t able to follow procedures. Therefore, it leaves you at risk for expensive fines and future issues.

Fully insured team

With any renovation, accidents can happen. You need to work with a team you can trust completely. We are fully insured in case an accident happens while we’re on the job.

Workmanship guarantee

As part of every project and home renovation we complete, our workmanship is guaranteed. We offer a warranty on all work for two years from the completion date. We stand behind our work and give you peace of mind to feel the same way.

Your Winnipeg exterior renovation experts!

At Dash Builders– we’re experts in exterior renovations for Winnipeg homes! Completing an exterior renovation to your home can be many different things – upgrading windows and doors for energy efficiency savings, replacing siding, changing the façade, or smaller improvements like eavestrough updates, landscaping and fence building, roofing, or deck building. We have the in-house expertise to handle any sort of exterior renovation to boost your curb appeal. In our blog, we cover many of the top questions we are asked – so you can read at your pleasure. When you have a plan for how you want to see your home’s exterior transformed – give us a call!

Contact us for an exterior renovation consultation

At Dash Builders, we provide consultations for all exterior renovations. To get started, just contact us online or by phone at 204-509-7574. Then, we’ll come and review your home, discuss your renovation goals. After that, we’ll give you an estimate for the cost of your project. There’s no commitment – so let’s get started today.

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