Want an ensuite bathroom? - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Dash Builders

Want an ensuite bathroom?

Want an ensuite bathroom? - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Dash BuildersAdding an ensuite bathroom to your home will make your life a lot easier! Particularly, if you have a larger family, morning routines and the schedule for the shower can become hectic. But, apart from convenience, it can also add a lot of value to your home and increase its appeal on the market.

Where will my ensuite bathroom fit?

If you have a bigger master bedroom that could be parted or an adjacent space you don’t use for anything, then adding an ensuite bathroom to your house is a lot easier than you’d think. At Dash Builders, we have vast experience in bathroom renovations and creating additions. We can help you plan your floor space to meet it’s potential and add an ensuite bathroom in the process.

What goes into the process of adding an ensuite bathroom?

Want an ensuite bathroom? - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Dash BuildersThere are three major items to consider when adding an ensuite bathroom, so let’s dive into them:

First, the amount of space available to work with for your ensuite bathroom

It’s important to first see the room we’re dealing with. If your master bedroom is big enough, then we can split it and create a bathroom, so we’d also need to consider exactly where it should go. The space will also let us know how big the bathroom could be, and therefore what we can put in. For instance, a shower and a bathtub might not fit, so you’ll have to decide which one you want.

Next up, the existing plumbing in the house

We’re not going to lie; the existing plumbing could very well determine if you can even have an ensuite bathroom. For instance, if the desired area for the ensuite is on the opposite side of the soil pipe (the pipe that removes the waste), then you may not be able to install the toilet. Pipes could be run to your ensuite bathroom, but it very much depends on the space.

The age of the existing plumbing could also impact our ability to add a new ensuite to your house. Some older pipes can be hard to tap into and could slow down the renovation process. However, just because you have an older home you should not assume that an ensuite is out of the question.

The last factor to consider is the amount of light that reaches the space

Want an ensuite bathroom? - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Dash BuildersIf you’re lucky, the ensuite may fit into a space that already has a window, so you can get some natural light in. If that’s not the case, the lighting needs to be chosen carefully to both not bother the eye, and not make the bathroom seem small.

What if my space is too small for a three or four-piece ensuite bathroom?

A common type of ensuite added, especially in older Winnipeg homes, is a “powder room” in place of an existing closet. The big character houses of neighbourhoods like Wolseley and West Broadway often have the perfect little space to add a sink and toilet. Unfortunately, these rooms usually lack a window. As well, there’s always the potential to “build-out” with a home addition to create additional space!

Planning your ensuite bathroom renovation

If you need help planning your ensuite bathroom addition, Dash Builders can help. Our expert team of renovators and plumbers will help you make the most of the space you have available while adding value and convenience to your home. Get in touch with us now or call 204.509.7574 and let’s start planning your new bathroom!