Faux wood and dark stucco outside seating area renovation

Behind the Scenes of a Sophisticated Poolside Retreat

Here’s How We Achieved This Fresh Look!

These homeowners needed a poolside relaxation area to complement their existing pool. We were able to build them a heated exterior structure complete with a change room, tiled floor, and built-in audio and video. The industrial style exterior is accented in faux wood, dark stucco, and recessed pot lights, while the interior has stylish barn-wood wall accents.

This project was well worth the challenges it presented us with. We dug out the lawn to install long runs of underground electrical cables and were able to complete the delicate process of getting them into the basement without damaging its interior. We needed a building permit to build on top of an existing concrete pad. This task required three separate scanning companies, and lots of perseverance, but was well worth it in the end. Now the homeowners have a beautiful and functional accompaniment to their existing pool!



  • Poolside relaxation area.

  • Faux wood and dark stucco

  • Exterior with industrial elements

  • Interior complete with change room, built-in audio and video, barn wood wall accents, and similar style floor tile throughout.

  • Exterior pot lights

  • Heated for winter storage

  • Value: 21k.


  • We needed to obtain a building permit to build on top of the pre-existing concrete pad. To accomplish this, we needed 3 separate scanning companies to determine if it was structurally sound.

  • Electrical was challenging as it was a very long run of underground cables that had to be dug out and run across the property.

  • Electricians were tasked with trying to get into the existing basement without doing damage to the interior of the basement.


This lavish poolside retreat impresses with a heated interior, tiled floor, changing areas, and a media area. The industrial-style exterior has dark stucco accents and recessed pot lights. Renovation magic transformed this outdoor living space into a luxurious experience!

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