Home renovations FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Home renovations FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Are you considering a home renovation? Maybe you want to redo your bathroom, basement, kitchen, or renovate the whole house from top to bottom. If you’re just starting out on your home reno journey, you may have a lot of questions about the process, materials, and costs.

At Dash Builders, we want to arm you with the most reliable information available to help you renovate your home and to do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about home renovations.

1. Can I supply my own materials for a home renovation?

Yes, but everything on-site then becomes your responsibility as well. All materials should be supervised so that they remain undamaged. Some materials require specialized labour and additional components that must be accounted for before a project starts, this also becomes your responsibility if you supply your own materials.

2. Can I supply my own labour?

Yes, occasionally customers like to work on some part of the project themselves or get a friend to do it. This is possible, but again, certain responsibilities would shift, and the cost would increase based on additional trade coordination.

3. Do you install IKEA kitchens?

Yes, but it costs significantly more because there always seems to be unforeseen issues with the fitting and assembly of cabinets. The job also requires skill and on-site work because of the custom cut designs and filler panes.

4. Are there any hidden costs that I may encounter?

In a home renovation job, a contractor should be able to brief you and give you an estimate of the costs before the work begins. But sometimes there are a few issues that are hidden beneath the surface and may only be discovered after demolition. These issues are unavoidable and may increase your costs. However, the amount of the increase can vary depending on the issues at hand.

5. What is the right way to renovate a home in parts?

Ideally, you should start work from the top floor of your home and then move progressively to the lower levels. This will contain any damage to areas that have already been worked on and save time as well as resources on additional work.

If you have any more questions about renovating your home, get in touch with the experts at Dash Builders. As the best new home builders in Winnipeg, we provide kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, and basement renovations. Our services also extend to building decks and exteriors. To learn more about how we can help you, visit our home renovation services or contact us through our website today!

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