Survive Your Summer Home Renovation Projects Like a Pro

Survive Your Summer Home Renovation Projects Like a Pro

Ample daylight and warm temperatures of the summer create ideal conditions for all types of renovations. However, no season can prepare you for the clutter and inconvenience usually caused by home renovation projects. Dust filled interiors bombarded with home renovators are enough to ruin a quiet off-season. But not to worry! We are here to give you a guide to surviving summer home renovation projects like a pro!

Get rid of all Clutter

A large part of preparing yourself for home renovations entails preparing your interiors. Carefully plan the course of your home improvement project and vacate all spaces that will get occupied by contractors. This is an excellent opportunity to look through all cabinets, storages, closets and clear out all items that you no longer intend to utilize. Following these two steps will ensure less clutter.

Prepare Different Entryways and Rooms

Certain rooms in the house are bound to get more affected by renovations. Tremors caused by drilling machines and overflowing dust can pose a hazard to nearby objects. Temporarily relocating your valuables to sheltered areas is an important step to ensure their safety.

It would be equally beneficial to allocate a separate entry point for contractors to minimize interruptions in their operations. Clear out the entrance from clutter and vehicles.

Minimize Dust

Dust is one of the most significant downsides to renovation projects since it spreads way too quickly. You can attempt to reduce the presence of dust across all rooms by sealing off open spaces and stairs with large plastic sheets and painter’s tape. Also, ensure that all unused rooms remain closed.

Cover registers and vents with cheesecloth and completely change all your HVAC filters once the renovations are over. Furthermore, employ cloths and tarps to cover your furniture and remove all decorations from your walls and surrounding areas.

Keep away your pets and children from project areas since debris, noises and tools can pose a considerable hazard to their well-being.

Consider Relocating

Crucial parts of the home, such as bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen can easily be affected by large home renovation projects. Dust can prevail in all corners of the house while water and electricity can get disrupted for more extended periods. Your daily tasks may also hinder the steadiness of contractors. Depending on the calibre of home renovations, you must consider relocating to a nearby Airbnb or move in with someone else.

However, if home relocating is not possible, work with your contractors to find ways of minimizing the impact of renovations on your daily life. Helpful professionals will devise a course of action that will undertake specific areas of your home and avoid hindrance to all spaces.

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