Exterior renovation for mid-century bungalow blandness

Sometimes a home’s exterior needs a bit of attention. Many will agree, curb appeal of one’s home begins precisely there – at the curb – before even stepping onto the property. Our customer was going tiresome of their bland mid-century bungalow’s exterior. It looked like every other home on their street. And, while they didn’t want to stick out for the wrong reasons, they were seeking an exterior renovation to help them love their home again!

Special Features: Custom designed exterior facelift; hardi-board siding in soft blue tone; quartz stone pillars; PVC deck constructions with in-stair LED lighting and white edges for increased safety

Don’t underestimate an exterior renovation!

Our customer loves spending time at home! But their feelings about the interior didn’t extend past the front door. Their bungalow originally constructed back in the 1950s felt extremely dated. It needed to be freshened. Our client’s desire wasn’t to shout for attention, but merely to improve their home’s aesthetic with an exterior renovation. The results brought their love full circle – and increased the curb appeal tenfold!

Choosing the siding

As mentioned, every home on their street appeared the same, but our homeowner didn’t want to stick out just for the sake of it. We helped guide them through infinite combinations and styles arriving at what we’d refer to as tasteful elegance. The first step in the process was to design the exterior changes. We selected a highly sturdy, durable hardi-board that gave off an aged wood look, set in a mellow blue tint – perfectly fitting our billing of tasteful and elegant.

Add some ‘wow’ factor with stone

To jazz things up a notch or two – without overdoing it – we choose to finish the corners of the home’s exterior in bright white quartz stone. The selection enforced contrast between the two materials and amplified the look in all the right ways. It brought further sophistication to an already high-level exterior renovation.

Safety can be stylish, too!

Leading up to the front door, we created a large but low deck. Built from PVC materials the deck we built is ultra-low maintenance and should last just like any other material. To increase safety, we installed bright LED lights in the steps that illuminate the way in the dark. Taking it a step further, we added white strips of PVC decking material to define the edge of each step. Safety can be stylish, too!

Don’t forget to renovate the exterior of the garage!

We continued with the modernized look by applying the same finishings to the exterior of the garage. With the same blue wood siding and white quartz stone, we created the most stylish garage on the block! We pushed the visuals to unpreceded levels with our rustic looking dual garage doors, in white and other exterior doors also white. Finally, we finished the garage with a unique window wall that faces the backyard.

Your exterior will appreciate the attention to detail!

We took our attention to detail and promise to build quality to the custom stone quartz pillars. To produce a seamless look, we took the time to mitre all the corners on the stone pillars. This reduced the voids that, when compared to a standard installation, would cause. In addition to our efforts with the stone, we finished the outdoor space by landscaping that included creating new flower beds outlined with landscape pavers.

Exterior renovation product suppliers

Our exterior renovation product suppliers for this home renovation we’re the fantastic folks at Star Building Materials, Patene Building Supplies, and McMunn & Yates Building Supplies.

Talk to us to refresh your Winnipeg home with an exterior renovation

We build quality-built rooms – and outdoor space – that last! When planning your next home renovation, don’t forget the outside. An updated exterior can bring new life to your home and create a stunning introduction to the rest of your property. Our expert team can do it all – just give us a call! Contact Dash Builders – 204-509-7574 – or use our website’s contact us form and reach out today!