Bathroom renovation ideas perfect for your Winnipeg home - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Dash Builders

Bathroom renovation ideas perfect for your Winnipeg home

Bathroom renovation ideas perfect for your Winnipeg home - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Dash BuildersLooking for bathroom renovation ideas perfect for your Winnipeg home? Here are some unique ideas from Dash Builders. With us at the helm of your bathroom renovation, we’ll work with you to understand your vision and create your dream space. Read on and think about what suggestions you might want to incorporate as you renovate your home’s bathroom.

Here’s our top list of bathroom renovation ideas to consider

Bathroom renovation ideas perfect for your Winnipeg home - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Dash BuildersNew flooring

If you’re upgrading parts of your bathroom, a new custom tile will totally change the way your bathroom looks. However, consider the surface of the tile on your bare feet.

Drainage & plumbing

It’s equally important to think about how your fixtures will drain and the plumbing behind your walls and in-floor. If you’re planned upgrades include stripping walls down to the studs, check with your contractor other inventive options.

Moving walls/adding feature walls

Knocking out a wall or adding a new feature wall can revamp the appearance of your bathroom.

Built-in storage

More storage for your bathroom essentials is always a good thing!

Improved ventilation

Avoid mould and keep your bathroom comfortable with additional ventilation.

New tubs, showers, sinks & toilets

Replacing outdated fixtures is a great way to modernize your space.

Create a separate bath/shower space

Improve convenience and privacy in your home.

Add a bidet

Looking to stay clean after you go, and save on toilet paper? A bidet is the way to go!

Bathroom renovation ideas perfect for your Winnipeg home - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Dash BuildersAdd a new/double vanity

Make your bathroom more comfortable for multiple users.

Create a more accessible bathroom

Zero-entry showers and baths grab bars and other such products allow for accessibility by older folks and disabled individuals.

Redo your lighting

Replace your lighting fixtures for a unique look.

Re-painting and Caulking

A new coat of paint and fresh caulking can breathe life into an outdated or poorly maintained bathroom!

Add an ensuite bathroom

Make your master bedroom more appealing with this addition.

Create a powder room

A powder room can be very useful if you often have guests over and only have 1 or 2 bathrooms.

Want to get fancier? Here is a list of luxurious bathroom renovation ideas!

Take things up a notch with these increasingly luxurious and posh bathroom renovation ideas!

Luxurious bathroom renovation ideas: In-floor heating

In-floor heating is energy efficient and helps you keep warm during the cold Winnipeg winter days. This feature helps with resale value and is highly sought after.

Luxurious bathroom renovation ideas: Steam shower

If you’re looking for shower features consider selecting a shower which is dual purpose. This unique shower combines the benefits of a traditional shower with a steam room.

Luxurious bathroom renovation ideas: Add a jetted tub

Take your bathing to the next level with the spa-like sensations of a jetted tub.

Incorporate an infrared sauna

Enjoy a hot, relaxing sauna experience in the comfort of your own home.


Bring in natural light to enhance your bathroom.

Heated towel rack

Becoming an emerging trend, enjoy your post-shower routine in comfort with a warm, heated towel!

Create the bathroom of your dreams with Dash Builders!

The above ideas are just the start to help you imagine and piece your plan together. All these suggestions need to have required space and support within your home to become a reality. While some things may seem simple, if you’re wanting a fully upgraded bathroom remodel – working with Dash Builders will be your best bet for a transformational space.

When you have your bathroom renovated by Dash Builders, the only limit is your imagination. Contact us now online to get started or give us a call at 204-509-7574.