Ensuite bathroom renovation receives upgraded and larger shower

Just before the turn of the new year, and perhaps our last completed project of 2019 was a bathroom renovation that included a massive shower space! Read further to see how we’re able to create the space for this one-of-a-kind spa-inspired shower as part of this bathroom renovation.

Special Features: Natural light, massive shower, water-fall glass tile, shower bench, custom tile, thermo-foil vanity, 24” luxury rainfall shower head, multiple detached shower heads, glass shower insert

Creating space for the massive newly planned shower

Our client came to us with a unique problem – they had a large, custom-tied tub. While initially, they thought it might be a great feature – it was receiving nearly zero use. On top of the lack of use, it was bulky, starting to look dated and took up a large amount of space in their ensuite. So, for those reasons, and many others an ensuite bathroom renovation made total sense.

As part of the request for renovating the bathroom, our client wanted the tub gone. As you can see in some of “before” photos, the entire tub was removed. This created a large area for us to build a shower of our client’s dreams.

Along with the tub, the existing washroom also had a small stand-up shower. The wall between the tub and the shower was removed and the entire 9’ by 4’ space became the footprint for our spa-inspired shower!

Obscure glass window upgrade

Up next, we sealed, drywalled, patched and mudded the new space. Instead of using the old, drafty window, we installed a new obscure glass window. The new window still allows for plenty of natural light to cascade into the space.

Our ensuite bathroom renovation shower details and custom tiling

Shelves and bench

As part of any home renovation, we look for ways to increase the functionality of the space. With the room gutted, we create space for enclave shower shelf perfectly positions for holding beauty products.

The vast space allowed us to incorporate a bench along on side of the walls. The bench is at the ideal height to sit and relax, or to be used with purposes, such as shaving.

Finally, we continued with functionality upgrades with building a slide bar shower head along the long wall lengthwise. That’s shower head number one of three… get excited for what’s next!

The other shower heads

If you look up luxury in the dictionary, we feel there should be a picture of a rainfall shower head. In fact, no “spa-inspired” bathroom renovation is complete without it!

The third and final shower head is your typical detachable showerhead which helps reach all those hard to get places.

Custom tile

Throughout the entire bathroom space, you’ll see our custom tiling expertise. Whether it’s the shower walls, flooring, detail inlay backsplash surrounding the shelf and a vertical decorative waterfall tile from ceiling to floor – it’s all be hand installed meticulously with precision.

Finally, to round out our grey tile selection, we have off-white quartz curbs and bench, adding to the details and visual appeal of the space.

Glass shower insert

It would be a waste to hide all the custom work away behind a shower curtain, so we’re thrilled to fully encase the shower in a glass perimeter. Also, the glass shower insert is seamlessly hung allowing one’s eye to marvel at the entire 9’ by 4’ space in its entirety.

Thermo-foil vanity completes the look of our ensuite bathroom renovation

While we focused greatly on the details of this spectacular shower as part of this bathroom renovation story – the rest of the space is no slough.

A new toilet was installed. The entire space is tied together with beautiful vinyl plank flooring. The vanity compliments the rest of the tones, colours, and patterns throughout the bathroom renovation. The thermo-foil vanity completes the look adding those extra little details, which can really go a long way and create a lasting impression.

Ensuite bathroom renovation product suppliers we trust!

When completing our ensuite bathroom renovation for this client we made use of Winnipeg-based product suppliers including Cabinet Corner, Renaissance Granite, Ames Tile & Stone, and Friesen Flooring!

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