Where to live during home renovations?

Where to live during home renovations?

Renovations are exciting! After all, who doesn’t like the idea of transforming an old redundant home to a fashion-forward place? Although renovations sound exciting, they can mean causing quite a lot of upheaval to your home and space; and by space, we also mean your mind space. One of the most critical things to do when planning a renovation is to think about the possible large volumes of dust, paint residues, tools and unknown people working in your personal space. So, where to live during home renovations? Here are a few things you may need to consider when deciding to either stay in or temporarily move out while your home is being renovated.


Remember that when renovating, not just your home or a particular room, but even some significant appliances of your home may not be available. This includes critical appliances like kitchen faucets, sinks, toilets, etc., which may be decommissioned for the duration of the renovation, depending on which rooms are being renovated. If you are renovating your bathroom –  plan for workarounds for showering, bathing, and toilet use.

Packing your stuff

No matter which part of your home is getting renovated, there will always be some packing involved. After all, you do not want your favourite art pieces, paintings or clothes to have dirt and dust on them due to the renovation. It is also a matter of keeping your expensive belongings safe. Irrespective of whether you plan to move out entirely during renovations or put up in the partial available section of your home, your belongings from the renovation rooms need to be packed and moved away. Experts recommend packing and storing away your belongings before the actual renovation begins. This helps to ensure that they are out of the way when renovators are working in your home.


If you’re renovating your kitchen, plan for it to be unusable or partially or fully, during the renovation. Precooked meals and stocking up on snacks and meals can help in the long term. If you plan to order from out, having disposable cutlery can help. It saves you the hassle of finding a place to clean your cutlery.

Taking care of dust and smells

Sometimes you or a family member, or even your pet may be allergic to a particular smell. Dust allergies will be aggravated during a home renovation. Think if you want to make some alternate arrangements to protect them from possible allergens. Although most modern-day products have safe chemicals, it is best to avoid any contact with allergens. Even if you take the highest levels of precautions, it can be hard to keep dust and odours from spreading throughout the home during the renovation.

Children and toddlers

Renovation can be exceptionally difficult if you have to manage your infants, kids or toddlers. From a safety perspective, remember that home renovation means there are many sharp tools, small objects and debris lying around your home. It is essential to closely guard your child as their curiosity for new objects in their home can result in injury or serious health accidents. You can try to place a baby gate to prohibit access to your infant or toddler completely.


If you have a pet or young infant, you may want to check how they are reacting to the noise. Renovations can involve a lot of hammering, drilling and the use of many noisy tools and devices. If you think your pet and kids cannot bear the noise, it may be important to find a safe, secure place for them to spend some time.

Deciding whether to move out or live in during a renovation involves considering many aspects. You’ll have to change your routine temporarily. This is especially true for frequently used spaces, like during a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation. Keeping the above points in mind can help you to make appropriate decisions and help your renovation to go smoothly. If you want to renovate your home, talk to a renovation advisor from Winnipeg-based Dash Builders. Their crew will help you understand the scope of your renovation and suggest the best approach to managing it so that you have a positive experience. To learn more, contact us or call 204.509.7574 today!