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What You Need to Know About Glass Shower Doors

Planning a bathroom renovation is always exciting! Nothing quite freshens up a space like a renewed, functional bathroom. There are several different things to consider – will you have a single or double vanity; what sort of fixtures will you choose; is an all in one tub and shower or a free-standing shower right for you? Will you have a fun shower curtain, or will you go with an ultra-modern glass-enclosed shower? Let us help you decide if a glass-enclosed shower is right for you and which glass shower doors to select!

What You Need to Know About Glass Shower Doors - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Dash BuildersThe different kinds of glass shower doors

Let’s start by discussing a few of the most commonly used types of glass shower doors.

Frameless glass shower door

Made of a single pane of glass that opens into your room, frameless shower doors, provide a clean, elegant look for your bathroom.

Frameless shower enclosure

Frameless shower enclosures use a rectangular or hexagonal design and replace your entire shower with a glass enclosure.

Bi-fold glass doors

Bi-fold shower doors are ideal for smaller bathrooms. Their glass panels fold into the shower, which helps save space.

Curved glass shower door

Curved glass has a unique look and can help create the feeling of a larger space for a walk-in shower, with a top and bottom frame to hold the door in place.

What You Need to Know About Glass Shower Doors - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Dash BuildersDeciding if glass shower doors are right for your home

There are a few different things you should consider when deciding if glass shower doors are right for your home.

Budgeting for your new shower

How much do you have to spend on your renovation and your shower? A simple rod and shower curtain is a less expensive option for your bathroom. But it may not give your bathroom the open and airy feel you want.

How much space is in your bathroom?

Do you have enough space for the type of door that you’re interested in? If not, are you willing to choose a different style of glass shower door?

What is your interior design style preference?

What type of glass shower door will match your style and the style of your home? A sleek single pane glass door will fit seamlessly into a midcentury modern home. French door style glass shower enclosures will tie in well with the rest of a modern rustic home or farmhouse style.

What You Need to Know About Glass Shower Doors - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Dash BuildersHow much traffic will there be through the bathroom?

Do you have kids or pets that will be bathed in the space? Some people prefer not to have glass doors on their tub in this case, but it can also help to keep splashing (almost) contained in the tub. Another factor to consider is privacy – if you only have one toilet in the house, and nature calls a family member while you’re in the shower, do you want the glass to be frosted for privacy, or have other design elements that may help to keep hidden some things better left to the imagination?

Need help deciding?

The experts at Dash Builders can help you decide if a glass shower door is right for your home and choose the right style for your bathroom renovation.

Caring for glass shower doors

Glass shower doors make a bathroom feel larger and more open, if they are clean and free of water spots. Here are the easiest ways we’ve found to keep your glass shower doors sparkly clean:

  • Spray your shower down daily with a store-bought glass cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water
  • Use a small squeegee or microfiber cloth to wipe down the surface after every shower
  • Scrub hard water stains and other stains away with a mixture of baking soda and water
  • Use vinegar to clean the metal track and other components of your shower door to prevent mold from forming

Get your dream shower with a bathroom renovation!

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